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Introduction & Description of LMW Blocks

  • Cubes, Bobbins, and Beams
  • Thingamabobbin
  • Stackbuilder
  • Colorframes
  • Arcobaleno
  • Pyramid
  • Prism Sets

Observing Children's Construction: Children Approach Blocks in a Variety of Ways

  • Creating Designs
  • Building Functional Structures
  • Making Representations of Real Objects
  • Rearranging Patterns
  • Acting Out Narratives
  • Encountering and Solving Problems

Teaching Styles: Interacting with Children in a Variety of Ways

  • Supporting Role: Facilitating the Play
  • Assisting Role: Offering a Means
  • Guilding Role: Suggesting a Goal

Learning Objectives: Discussion and Examples

  • Increasing Perceptual and Motor Skills
  • Stimulating Language Development
  • Provoking Mathematical Thinking
  • Enhancing Imaginative Play
  • Encouraging Cooperative Problem-Solving
  • Developing Physical Knowledge
  • Nurturing Aesthetic Ideas

Appendix A: Expanded Activities
Appendix B: Suggestions for Individual Sets

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