Children, Art, Artists: The Expressive Languages of Children, The Artistic Language of Alberto Burri


Vea Vecchi and Claudia Giudici, editors, 2004; Reggio Children, Italy; Ilus. softbound, 160 pp.

This catalog offers a "guided tour" of the exhibit "The Expressive Languages of Children, the Artistic Language of Alberto Burri," which included works by children from the Municipal Infant-toddler center through elementary school. The exhibit explored some of the encounters between children and works of art. The didactic project, designed and coordinated by Reggio Children consultants, offered children and teachers opportunities to approach and explore different materials, as suggested by certain aspects of Burri's work. Along with the exhibit texts, the catalog includes essays discussing the relationship between schools and the city, children and art, and pedagogy and the atelier.