Custom Building Blocks

Reviews from Educators and Parents

"I was so impressed with the variety of the materials, the diversity of size and shape, the combination of natural wood and color. The children made such imaginative buildings, both large and intimate structures, and they used them all the time."
Christina Pickard
Montessori Teacher,
Primary (3- to 6-year olds)
Westminster Day School
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

"The unusual shapes, colors, and textures of these blocks entice, engage, and enable children to explore and build. Children respond to the diverse challenges the materials offer, and construct and play in unexpected and truly delightful ways."
Rose C. Merenda
Early Childhood Education Consultant
Warwick, Rhode Island

"There are many reasons why I love Learning Materials Workshop Blocks-they encourage divergent thinking, thoughtful conversation between children, and fine motor skills. Children consistently choose to play with them every single day. Children feel so comfortable with the blocks, and they are enjoyed by children from diverse cultural and language backgrounds."
Bev Bos, Early Childhood Teacher
Roseville Community School
Author and Lecturer
Roseville, California

"We love your wooden block sets! We found them to be original and high-quality materials. In adapting them for children who have disabilities, we used the materials in their most concrete and basic forms. Building a rainbow with the Arcobaleno has been a great hit in the play-centered programs we provide to the children with disabilities we serve at our Lekotek centers."
Laurie Ellis Werner
Assistant Director, National Programs
National Lekotek Center
Evanston, Illinois

"The children took to them right away. They worked cooperatively with such excitement and enthusiasm. They were fascinated by the way they could connect things with the elastic bands, and they explored different ways of making things roll and move. The Learning Materials Workshop blocks made them so inquisitive."
Karen Kett, Teacher
Chapter 1, Preschool
Accelerated Learning Laboratory
Worcester, Massachusetts

"The blocks are so open-ended and the colors are fantastic. Whether the children are matching, stacking, or just building, they feel a sense of pride, success, and well-being."
Caryn Bergman, Teacher
Kindergarten--Special Education
Queens, New York

"Learning Materials Workshop blocks lend themselves to real innovation with children because of their color and design. We have observed children integrate them with unit blocks and other open-ended materials and have seen amazing results in the children's work in both small and large groups."
Eunice Perry
Program Director--Longfellow Preschool,
Mount Ida College
Newton Center, Massachusetts

"My students spend hours drawing and writing about their creations with Learning Materials Workshop blocks, so many stories have sprung to life! The blocks stimulate the children to be more creative with design technology activities, using math and science concepts to solve real problems. Like so many inventors, my students have made many new and exciting discoveries by "accident" using these unusual blocks."
Jeff Isham, Teacher
3rd and 4th Grade
Moretown School
Moretown, Vermont

"LMW materials encourage all children--no matter what their cognitive level or ability--to solve problems, think critically, and reason mathematically. Children articulate their thinking processes, and discuss and compare various solutions with each other. This communication brings them to a much higher level of understanding, far beyond my expectations."
Maureen Meyers, 2nd grade teacher
Conover Road School
Colts Neck, New Jersey